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We created My Hunny’s Kitchen out of our love of cooking. We are always creating new and exciting things in our kitchen and have made our own spices for years. We finally decided it was time to share our passion with friends and family - and anyone looking for the some inspiration for a kitchen masterpiece. Whether you're whipping up something quick, or crafting the perfect Christmas dinner, we have a spice to help shape your wildest cooking dream! My Hunny's Kitchen is unlike any other Spice Shop. We make sure to supply our online community with only the freshest, best-quality spices. We like to treat our customers to an experience that’s unique and different than the average spice store. Stop by to check out our special offers and deals, and make sure you don’t miss out!

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What about the beans?

To keep our seasonings free of added chemicals, we use three beans in place of anti-caking agents keeping our spices fresh and pure.

5-Spice Gift Pack

We have Gift Packs!

We have both 3 and 5 spice gift packs that you can customize to get the perfect seasonings for your gift giving needs!

Every now and then we’ve got a deal you won’t be able to resist! We’re happy to announce that our special Holiday Package deal is here to treat you! This special offer won’t last very long, so start shopping today. We want you to make the most out of your My Hunny's Kitchen experience. Come on in today and check out what else we’ve got on sale today!


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